Her collection was made of mainly, impregnated materials. Coolness and elegance are blended in her futuristic like clothes. This collection reflects the designer's way of thinking, her personality as she adores science-fiction. The special shapes of hoodies, the water resistant fabrics all symbolize some kind of protection, that you might need in the future. The designer believes that as a consequence of pollution, the extreme weather and all the irresponsible human actions done against the environment, clothes from now on are not only made to serve beauty purposes but also to protect your skin.

photo: Ákos Burg -

make-up: Barbara Kund & Denise Abdel-Kader

modells: Katrin Blutmager, Jana Cakaric, Natali Toot & Leslie Hansl

location: Eisenstadt, Wien, Wiener Neustadt Austria

cooperation with Hey-Mr shoes -