The designer likes challenges, and is inspired when she has the opportunity to work with people with similar visions. She is constantly arranging collaborations with musicians and artists.

25.10.2014.: Anez concert
photo: Márton Nagy
location: Kontra Klub, Budapest

09.06.2014.: Szimfonik Live 4
dress(top): SustiKKrisztA
singer: Prieger Fanni (Anima Sound System)
location: Budapest

06.14.2014.: Color Arts Fesztivál - Fashion Show
make-up/hair: Kocsis Nikolett & Bogár Judit
photo: Nándor Izer
location: Zalaegerszeg

13.10.2013.: photoshooting for Festy in Style
photo: Ákos Burg -
make-up: Barbara Kund
modell/blogger: Festy in Style
location: Budapest

11.09.2013.: Könyörgöm akasszuk fel! – participate in an exhibition
location: Zalaegerszeg

2012.09.14.: Alba Hyseni concert
make-up: Barbara Kund
2012.09.30.: Alba Hyseni concert
make-up: Barbara Kund