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About me

Kriszta Sustik was born in Zalaegerszeg. She attended to Rothschild Klári School of Fashion Design in Budapest and West-Hungarian University in Szombathely. Kriszta participated in several shows during her studies, such as at Sziget Festival, Millenáris Park and Fészek Art Institute. She collaborated with other artists during college and they regularly organised fashion shows combined with exhibitions. Music took an important part at these shows. She was interested in creating rustic surfaces, so she often used the technique of wasp ordination. Her thesis work is isnpired by chameleons, it is a combination of a cool corset and a skirt with tulle.

She also lived in Vienna for a few years, where she created designs for orders. She designed and made wedding dresses, evening dresses, and rythmic gymnastics dresses for an austrian association. Her clothes were not only elegant but sporty as well at this time. For instance she created skirts from elastic tulle which were elegant due to their splendid falling and sporty thanks to the colourful elastics supplements. This trend has remained in her works, she likes combining the two effects.

Kriszta Sustik is not the designer who sits down, draws something and realises it in an exact way. She likes experimenting with materials, shapes. Her clothes are often inspired by instant feelings. She does not follow a way consciuosly, she is not interested in given fashion trends, final pieces are created instinctively.

Her collection was made of mainly, impregnated materials. Coolness and elegance are blended in her futuristic like clothes. This collection reflects the designer’s way of thinking, her personality as she adores science-fiction. The special shapes of hoodies, the water resistant fabrics all symbolize some kind of protection, that you might need in the future. The designer believes that as a consequence of pollution, the extreme weather and all the irresponsible human actions done against the environment, clothes from now on are not only made to serve beauty purposes but also to protect your skin.

Satisfying her creativity in extraordinary clothes apart from creating wearable ones is also important to the designer. She often works on collective projects with make-up artist Barbara Kund and photographer Akos Burg, in which each of them can realise their most extreme ideas. They like experimenting and discovering interesting locations. They are constantly arranging collaborations with musicians and artists. The designer likes challenges, and is inspired when she has the opportunity to work with people with similar visions. One of her greatest dreams is to design costumes for theatre plays and films as these kind of projects are really close to her way of thinking and imagination.

The process of creation, self-realisation and freedom are essential for Kriszta Sustik. She would like to create and live without limits and expectations while she feels that her work makes sense.