Kriszta Sustik is not the designer who sits down, draws something and realises it in an exact way. She likes experimenting with materials, shapes. Her clothes are often inspired by instant feelings. She does not follow a way consciuosly, she is not interested in given fashion trends, final pieces are created instinctively.

The designer is inspired if she can collaborate and create with people with similar thinking. This is why she likes working together with make-up artist Barbara Kund and photographer Ákos Burg. They like discovering interesting places and experimenting. A perfect evidence for this is when they had a photoshoot in a forest which had burnt down just a few days earlier. The designer likes challenges and interesting, unusual issues. Cooperation with several musicians and bands is currently in progress.

One of her greatest dreams is to design costumes for theatre plays and films, as these kind of projects are close to her way of thinking and imagination.